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ecognition of animal-friendly tourism, the▓ report also showed room for improvement in awareness of whether specific activities har

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en ▓can be abusive.Liu Shang, 27, a Shanghai resident who claimed to have "itchy feet", said he would ride an elephant if ▓it's in

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cluded in the travel package, but he wouldn't hold a grudge if such a service were not available, especially once its negative imp

act was known."Honestly, I didn't kno▓w that riding an elephant could cause so much negative influence on wildlife," Liu said. "Now that I know, I wi

▓ll only participate in activities that are animal-friendl▓y."More than 190 tourism companies around the world have made a public commitment not to provide elephant rides or other wildlife performances, according to the repo▓rt.Caissa Touristic, FXtrip and Zanadu are the first three national tourism companies

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and cultivate environmental and animal protection awareness."Canceling the relate▓d activities had no obvio

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